Salisbury steak-like featuring tofu

mother made this


it seems  to contain tofu, eda-mame ( green beans) , siitake , renkon , carrot ( ninjin), hijiki, sesame…

i wonder  if there is something else?

anyway this was so delicious !

thank you mother




she sometimes makes this dish that i love.

” naga- hijiki” is longer and softer than a normal hijiki. i like this texture.

this dish contains the hijiki, kon’nyaku, carrot, ingen mame(green bean ),abura-age, chikuwa.

an ear plug for sleepig is working!

i used to wake up at least  4 times a night

i happened to have a chance to use an ear plug.


it turned out that the number of times to wake up a night clearly reduced!  unbelievable.

i doubt that i used to wake up several times a night because of noises.


now i usually use ear plugs to fall asleep.

i am pleased !

un omulet de ” hijiki-ni”(or scrambled eggs)

i love hijiki-ni

hijiki is a brown sea vegetable containing a lot of fiber 🙂

hijiki-ni is a kind of saute with a few amount of  soup using soy-sauce .

the ingredients are (sometimes depend on family.) hijiki,  carrot, あぶらあげ(fry of a sliced tofu),

chikuwa,  soy-beans  and so on.

usually  i buy “ready-made hijiki-ni” without making by myself.

today  i did  use “ready-made hijiki-ni” and 2 eggs to make an omulet 🙂

it was delicious but salty…(because of ” ready-made food”)

Saute of some vegetables

i thought  this  content was unique.  probably you can not see the same combination.

Mother , nice work.  i like it.

* carrot

* japanese pumpkin

* lotus roots

* ” abura-age” ( sliced & fried tofu)

*  judas-ear ( chinese weird mushroom that i love )

i like this feeling when i chew these lotus roots.  this is different from other ingredients, little hard?firm?

besides,  sweetness of  pumpkin is also working good.

incidentally i sprayed  chili pepper a little.